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Lovers of sophisticated cuisine enjoy a first-class menu selection at a star level in our restaurant Field. The use of quality products creates a delicious combination of traditional and Mediterranean cuisine.

We invite you to stay and enjoy.

Salvatore Fontanazza, ambitious hotel boss and passionate chef, lives the gastronomy with passion. After successfully completing the apprenticeship, Salvatore Fontanazza first went to Switzerland. Other stations took him to Italy, France and Belgium.
In 1999, Salvatore Fontanazza came to Germany to open his own restaurant. In 2017, he took a big step forward: his own hotel: the Hotel Katerberg and Gourmet Restaurant Field.

2017 to today
Restaurant Field in Luechow
Owner and Executive Chef

2008 – 2017
Restaurant Divino / Cochem on the Moselle
Owner and Executive Chef

2006 – 2008
Restaurant La Terrazza / Cochem on the Mosel
Owner and Executive Chef

2004 – 2006
Restaurant Sapori di Casa / Bocholt
Owner and Executive Chef

Restaurant Pane e Vino / Bocholt
Owner and Executive Chef

Pastificio della Mamma / Liege, Belgium
Co-owner of a pasta factory

1991 – 1994
Restaurant Le Mistique / Liege, Belgium
Executive Chef / cuisine francaise

1988 – 1991
Restaurant Le Gourmet / Epinal, France
Chef / cuisine francaise

Restaurant Dal Pezzente / Piazza Armerina, Italy

Restaurant Centrale / Piazza Armerina, Italy
Cook and waiter

Hotel Schweizer Hof / Filisur, Switzerland

Apprenticeship to cook

Memory and instinct

My kitchen comes from tradition and a distant past. It consists of memories of my father, who cooked for our large family, the flavors I grew up with, the traditional dishes, the knowledge of the raw materials and their life cycle. First comes the memory, then the court.

It’s the most playful and creative part of me, the same part that made me learn to work through, the same part that pushes me to try new things over and over, and that guides my hands like a painter’s paintbrushes. First the design, then the recipe. I can do that. That’s my job. Eyes, stomach and head. My secret ingredient? You.

Welcome to my restaurant.

Salvatore Fontanazza

Salvatore Fontanazza invite you!

With awards and prizes you can neither fill your guests and prepare you a nice evening. Nevertheless, we are proud to be well-rated by the renowned gourmet guides for rewarding the outstanding work, passion and perseverance of the entire field team.

However, the highest award gives us every guest who leaves our restaurant with a smile and gladly visits us again.



The restaurants and country inns recommended in the GUSTO Guide are visited by experienced testers anonymously and without prior agreement as paying guests. With the Gusto pans only the kitchen performance of the respective restaurant is rated. The pans awarded establishments offer a cuisine worthy of mention in their category.

We are happy about our 6 Gusto pans – many thanks for this award!



The Varta Guide describes itself as a useful reference book for the high-end gastronomy and hotel industry. The examiners are chefs and hotel business managers with professional experience in upscale businesses. The rating scale is in diamonds.

We are happy about 3 Varta diamonds – thank you very much for this award!



The Schlemmer Atlas is an annual restaurant guide. It is judged with wooden spoon symbols, with 5 wooden spoons for the high score. Criteria for the restaurants are first-class basic products, high creativity and quality in the preparation of the food, selected wines, service and atmosphere.

We are happy about 3 spoons – thank you for this award!

Field opening hours:

On June 2nd reopening after the forced break with a new menu!

Tuesday to Saturday from 6 p.m. (order accepted until 8 p.m.)

Sunday and Monday: closed

Please note our closing times and cancellation policy!

We are looking forward to your visit and ask for timely table reservation.

You can cancel your table reservation free of charge up to 24 hours in advance (by email to: or fax to +49 5841 9776 60). In the case of cancellation up to 12 p.m. before the reserved date, we will charge a fee of € 50.00, then € 75.00 per person to compensate for our expenses.

For reservations of 8 people or more, separate cancellation periods apply.

Each of our dishes is a unique composition, which consists of many elaborately prepared and compound ingredients. The following allergies or intolerances and dislikes can – with prior registration! – be considered:

No meat, no fish, no seafood, gluten intolerance, pregnancy restrictions, allergies to certain ingredients, nut and stone fruit energies.

If there are several allergies or intolerances in one person, consideration may not be given. In this regard, please inquire directly with us: by phone at +49 5841 97760 or by e-mail to:

We are not a vegetarian restaurant, but can offer a vegetarian menu (maximum 3 courses) with prior registration. We do not offer vegan menus.

Children are welcome, on request – with advance booking! – We are happy to prepare a children’s dish. Due to the usually long stay, we recommend our restaurant for children from 8 years.

You are welcome to purchase vouchers, which we will send by post after receipt of payment. Please contact us by phone at +49 584197760 or by email to:, if you would like to buy a voucher.