Sports & nature

Unlimited diversity of outdoor activities

The comfort hotel Katerberg is surrounded by one of the most beautiful areas of Germany, the Wendland. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for an athletic challenge or for a unique experience of nature, there are diverse possibilities to relax and burn off energy around our hotel.

Cycling, jogging, hiking, playing golf, horse-riding or canoeing- everything is possible in our region. Nearby the hotel one can discover lakes, rivers, forests as well as golf courses and riding schools.

If you want to untertake something special, book a riding lesson or rent a bike,
please feel free to tell us about your wishes and ideas.


» Overview

“Circurlar village” cycling tour through our Wendland

Exploring the Wendland, the circular villages, vast landscapes and lots of nature by bike.

Elbe-Heide-“Circular village”-cycling tour

A round trip for beginners, epicures and nature lovers. Cycling through the sparsely populated areas in the biosphere reserve Niedersächsische Elbtalaue and in the natural park Elbhöhen-Wendland without any gradients. Nature points the way.

Enjoy the beautiful nature our hotel is surrounded by. Work out, free your mind – you will feel more energized and alive.

In your hotel room you find a jogging flyer with three different routes starting directly at our hotel. Whether 1 km, 4 km or 7 km – explore the natural surroundings of the Wendland while running.

The region Lüchow-Dannenberg is a paradise full of hiking tours. With actual 28 walking tours we have a varied and wide ranging offer for hobby sportsmen and active holiday makers. In total there are 22 hikes and 6 long distance paths leading towards the region Lüchow-Dannenberg, which invites to discover the landscape.

As, since 2006 the Wendland was declared as a horsefriendy region, it is self-evident that horse and rider feel completely comfortable in our region. Riders of all ages find a varied holiday programme. Whether by horse or by coach, if you leave the riding school you find yourself directly in nature. Decide for yourself what you like to see today.

Natural quiet and relaxation between one of the last natural river landscapes of Germany. Experience a guided canoe tour in a team of 10 canoeists on the river Elbe according to the motto “in the hunting ground of the sea eagle”. Half way along the route the participants will be invited to a coffee break on the sandy beach. Alternatively you can join an evening guided tour and with a little luck you will see a beaver family at breakfast.

Golf club an der Göhrde e.V. – a court in nature
The golf club an der Göhre was founded as the first golf course between Hamburg-Bremen-Hannover and Braunschweig in 1968. First it was just a 9 hole golf course. Since 2000 exists a 18 hole golf course, which was harmoniously inserted into the natural terrain. Today nature lovers find healthy biotopes, rare butterflies, red deer und lovable squirrels. A perfect place for conservationists.

The Göhrde State Forest is the largest contiguous mixed forest region in North Germany. The forest is part of the Elbufer-Drawehn Nature Park and is located on a plateau with an average height of 80 metres above NN in the northwestern area of the Drawehn. Because the Göhrde region has no rivers it was never settled. The state forest of Göhrde is about 75 km² in area and at its heart has some very old stands of trees. Fallow Deer, Red Deer and Mouflon live in the forest.

The stone archive is embedded in the typical dry valleys of the terminal moraine and it is a symbol for more than 4 billion years of earth history.  A spiral path leads through the apocalyptic epochs from Cambrian to Quaternary.

For the beginning of summer in june and for the summer end in september private gardens in the Wendland open their doors to present garden dreams. The basic idea of these events is to bring garden friends together to exchange ideas and experiences, get advices or  just receive some impressions and meet new people.

The course ARTchers Lake at the Bernstein Lake near Stüde is open from Easter to the end of october each year. The course is suited for beginners and experienced shooters. The traditional archery takes place outdoors and one shoots on abstract targets or animal dummies. We shot without technical tools like visors and the aiming will be perfected by constant practice. Many of the around 60 targets of ARTchers Lake are lovingly self built.

Something special is a balloon ride over the Wendland. Leave everyday life behind and float in complete peace  high in the sky. Enjoy a wonderful view over large areas of unspoiled nature. Starting your ride in Lüchow you can see the Rundlings villages and the Elbe region. If we start in Dannenberg  we sometimes manage to cross the river Elbe. We fly high and the wind drives us towards Wustrow. Salzwedel is easy to recognize and the people here were able to watch several landings of balloons.

Interested people in free flight find at the airfield in Rehbeck the opportunity to practise and to learn most of the sports related to flying. Take a scenic flight with a glider or learn the basic skills of flying in  a two-week course.