From a market garden to a 4 star feel-good hotel

What started as a small hotel with guest room and bowling alley, developed into a hotel complex with 39 rooms, parking spot, a meeting room and an excellent restaurant and café.

Join us on a journey through the last 40 years and find out more about the history of our house.


until 1979  the building was operated as a market garden

1980  the market garden becomes a hotel. Family Prigge opens the small hotel with 4 rooms and a bowling alley.

1992  owner change. Family Langbehn buys the small hotel and begins with the expansion and extension to 8 rooms.

1997  On the areal of the demolished bowling alley the foundation stone is laid for a hotel extension with 27 rooms, a meeting room and a flat. Family Langbehn invests more than one million DM and the total usable space amounts to 1080 square meters on three floors.

2005  Acquisition and demolition of the neighboring residential building and new construction of the parking lot.

2007  Opening of the café in the hotel Katerberg

2009  Last extension to today 39 rooms

2017  After 25 years of successful work, family Langbehn decided to sell the well-known 3 star superior hotel to family Fontanazza. In the same year family Fontanazza managed to classify the hotel on a 4-star level by making investments and modernizing the rooms, the café and the lobby.

2018  Family Fontanazza implements the new restaurant concept und opens on 27.03.2018 the gourmet-restaurant FIELD.