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Our region provides many tourist attractions. The Wendland mainly captivates through its beautiful landscape and nature. Sites as the Nemitzer Heide are perfect for long strolls. The thermal bath in Gartow invites you to relax after a demanding business day.

There are several other possibilities to take a trip not far from Luechow-Dannenberg. We have compiled our favorite destinations here.

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Rundling villages in Wendland

The notion “Rundlingsdorf” defines a kind of village, in which the houses are arranged around the village square. In the Wendland, these villages are best preserved and maintained. The “Rundlingsmuseum” in Luebeln is definately worth a visit.

Beautiful heath landscape

The Nemitzer Heide is a popular destination for visitors of Wendland. Its unaffected nature offers the perfect place to relax and lean back. You can find the Nemitzer Heide in the middle of the villages Trebel and Nemitz.

This 500 hectare recreation area owns three marked trails including shelters and benches.

A magical experience

Let yourself be enchanted by the fantastic atmosphere of sagas, elves, gnomes and dwarfes. The Farytale park takes you into the time of tales and myths, creating a small kingdom.

Take a stroll through the scent-, heath- and Japanese garden and experience the romance of the white dream garden. There is also a big playground where children can have fun.

Historical old town with beautiful landscape

Enjoy the magic of this historical town. Pictorial alleys with colorful timbered houses invite you to linger.

The green surroundings in the middle of the biosphere reserve are one of a kind. Here you can find places to relax and lean back at every corner.

There are several possibilities to discover the unforgettable landscape around Hitzacker – no matter if you go by foot, by bike or by ship on the Elbe.

Water fun for the whole family

The large-scaled thermal bath offers an indoor area as well as an outdoor area.

Additionally to a big swim area with 25-meter-lanes, a children’s pool with play area, a 50-meter slide, an outdoor pool with 28 degrees water temperature the indoor swimming pool also owns a pool with salt water that is 33 degrees warm.

A lot of thrill is promised

The Heide Park Resort is the biggest leisure park of North Germany. It offers over 50 attractions and shows. There are some for every age. There are several theme areas for children from the age of 3 up. Thrilling and exciting roller coaster provide fun for the older visitors.

Species-rich diversity

Discover one of the most beautiful landscapes in a wildpark that is the most rich in species in Germany.

At the edge of the nature reserve of the Lueneburger Heide there are very special and rare animals, such as Siberian tigers, prairie dogs, snow leopards, arctic foxes and many others.

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